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故 渡邉前ITSJapan会長がITS殿堂入り

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The ITS World Congress 2016 Hall of Fame winners have been announced and will be inducted into the Hall of Fame at the 23rd ITS World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems, 10-14 October, Melbourne, Australia.

The Awards recognise individuals, industries and local governments striving to set the bar higher and enhance the end user experience. Local solutions often have wider applications, ensuring international transport, safety and technology improvements, enhancing liveability in cities and communities.
Automotive research and development, high speed rail and real time travel projects have been recognised for their outstanding contribution to intelligent transport systems in the 2016 ITS World Congress Hall of Fame Awards from Asia Pacific region.

The 2016 ITS Asia Pacific, Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award winner is Dr Hiroyuki Watanabe, former Chairman ITS Japan. With a strong background in automobile research and development, he exercised leadership in product design projects with innovative technologies at Toyota Motor Corporation for more than 40 years, such as electronic stability control, hybrid powertrain and fuel cell batteries. Dr Watanabe played crucial roles as a thought-leader at the frontier of technological and social innovations with both precisely structured logic and ambition. He presented the concept of integrated approaches of policy, infrastructure, advanced vehicles, participation of general public and ITS technologies as an enabler and led a number of projects for automated vehicles, low carbon transportation and big data analyses. Dr Watanabe also reached out to the global ITS community to share ideas and experiences to create an inclusive society.


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